You are just a couple of clicks away to learn Spanish the right way.

Spanish Plus it’s a safe, convenient, and fun way to get to know another culture while simultaneously practicing one’s Spanish.

Schedule at Any Time

Schedule a class from your dashboard selecting the teacher
you want and the hour best suited for you.

Interactive Lessons​

Learn faster and more efficient with over 1.300 interactive
lessons given to you by a professional.

Conversational Lessons

Practice your conversational skills with our unique conversational
lessons where you enhance your pronunciation and advance
towards Spanish fluency.

Private Classes​

Your Tutor Plus has access to your progress record where a personal evaluation is created to strategically, throughout each class,
work on troubled areas for you.


How do I register?

Go to the sign-up page and fill out the information required. After selecting a payment option pay easily through PayPal. Then just fill out your profile information correctly and begin scheduling your first lesson.

How many classes can I schedule daily?

You can schedule a daily hour of class in blocks of 60 minutes or two blocks of 30 minutes.

What discounts do you offer?

Spanish Plus offers a variety of discounts when you register. Plan ahead and select an option suitable for your goal and save up to $50 USD.

What do I need to get started?

You only need a computer with internet connection to get started and for our live classes a webcam and a microphone.

Can underage students register?

Yes, but it has to be done with adult supervision and the minimum required age is 16. The recommended ages for our program is between 18 and 65.

How do I schedule a class?

In your dashboard, go to the Class Reservations tab and select the tutor, after that select the hour that best suits you and start to achieve your goals.

How do the live classes work?

Every class is through a live Zoom video chat that means you have to have a Zoom account to use the program and begin the session.

What does it mean to have a native tutor?

Native Spanish speaking professional means you’ll learn how to pronounce correctly when you speak. Our main goal is for our students to speak and pronounce words correctly while striving forward grammatically.

The available hours are in which time zone?

Live classes are available from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm Eastern US time.

How long does the program take?

Spanish Plus provides you with all the necessary tools to help you reach fluency in the shortest time possible and you decide when you think you’ve reached your goals.