Duolingo and other apps vs learning Spanish with online instructors.

At Spanish Plus Web we love that you use Duolingo and we mean it, we really like that students use as many tools as possible to increase their vocabulary level, that seems super positive to us.

We think that one of the biggest challenges to learn Spanish and any language has to do with vocabulary, if a student or learner has a good vocabulary level, the theory and grammar of Spanish will be a piece of cake.

Today there are great tools like Duolingo and even their social media communities where people offer help or share tips to learn Spanish etc. Up to that point, everything seems great and it seems that there are no reasons to take classes at an institute or specialized websites, however not everything is so magical in the world of learning because there are certain things that you must take into account during the acquisition process of a language.

Today we want to talk about the scope and limitations of these applications and their different communities through social networks.

Let’s talk about the positive aspects of using tools like Duolingo and other applications to learn Spanish online.

  • The usability of these apps is quite flexible; you only need to use at least one cell phone and a reliable internet connection to check the vocabulary and some grammar structures.
  • You can monitor or track your progress by measuring your achievements and challenges through the app interface.
  • There are some support networks where users often share information on specific topics such as grammar, vocabulary, etc.
  • Some of these apps offer group or individual tutoring services with super attractive prices and even for free.
  • Some of these applications offer language exchange services through their communities on social networks or their platforms.
  • These apps and their social network communities are usually open 24/7.

Now, it’s time to talk about the reasons why at Spanish Plus Web we think that learning Spanish with online instructors is much more efficient than just using Duolingo and other applications.

  • The resolution of doubts.

Previously we said that we think it’s great that you use Duolingo because it is a good way to enrich your vocabulary level and certain grammar structures, but the truth is that between this method and specialized tutoring there must be an adequate balance that allows you to get answers when the time comes to the doubts, here some real questions from our student Mike from Toronto.

Duolingo and other apps vs learning Spanish with online instructors.

  • The interaction.

The apps will never improve the experience of sharing 30 or 60 minutes a day with a real online instructor, originally from a Spanish-speaking country. During the Spanish learning process, this is too important because you will have access to a real live event, you’ll be in contact with the sounds of the language, and the phonetic and grammatical corrections our instructors will offer you. This valuable experience “instructor-student” can not be emulated by any app until now.

  • Support material.

Duolingo and other similar apps have a nice interface but learning Spanish with online instructors from our site www.spanishplusweb.com will make the difference from the start. Our program not only includes the interaction with a real tutor; Spanish Plus Web also includes all the guides, material, and necessary information for someone who is looking to enhance the language at their own pace without fake promises.

  • The methodology.

Spanish Plus Web offers each student 14 different learning methodologies, including grammar, conversations, videos, music, recognition exercises, roleplays, etc. Instead of one interface that only measures students’ achievements with a scoring system that doesn’t have much value in the real world because there is not a real interaction between the speakers and listeners.

Our online Spanish program has certificated professionals in the field of education, this represents an advantage compared to other platforms and applications that offer tutoring services without a well-structured methodology of teaching.

Our purpose is not to say negative things about these applications, on the contrary, we love that even our students use them to be in touch with Spanish in their free time, but also so to be aware to what extent their use is limited in comparison to a program that offers you total assistance in which concerns to their language acquisition process.

Learning without interaction equals learning + frustration. We do not say that some people or students can’t learn languages in a self-taught way, today in the era of globalization and multiple intelligences that is possible, but why to take the hard way when we offer an option that can change in positive shape the way you learn Spanish online with professionals?

If you have the same question, please give us the chance to clarify that, and book a free session of class with us here; we’ll be pleased to help you improve your current Spanish skills and teach you from scratch if that’s the case.

Even with all these reasons, you can still think that learning on Duolingo and other apps is better than learning Spanish with online instructors, nevertheless, we insist on the need for real interaction with a native Spanish speaker during the learning process, however, there is a warning ☢☣ that must be taken into account, “be careful” when choosing the person, website or groups.

In social networks like Facebook, countless groups offer fake promises of teaching Spanish and it seems there is a pitched battle 🏴‍☠️ between Spanish-speaking people to “teach” the Cervantes for a cheap price, for language exchange even for free.

If you are considering the option we have mentioned before, we recommend that you better stick with Duolingo avoiding those groups; we take your learning process very seriously because your time is valuable, we’ve seen how people wasted time trying to learn something useful in those communities and they ended up with more questions than answers, frustration, and spam, tons of spam.

Do you want to see it?

Duolingo and other apps vs learning Spanish with online instructors.

We speak with confidence about our pedagogical program because we know first hand its characteristics and scopes; we are constantly upgrading our methodologies to offer the best experience to our students. Other websites are trying to offer something similar but we consider that’s a raffle of good and bad instructors + the fact some of them are too expensive.

Many times, like some groups of spammers in social networks, certain “Spanish instructors” believe that by the simple fact of speaking one language in a native way they can already teach, and the truth is that unfortunately, they lack the necessary knowledge to generate a positive impact In the student.

It is also necessary to say that not all these apps are full of bad teachers, we are sure that they also have excellent and committed teachers with their students, unfortunately, their fees are too expensive and some of them doesn’t have an adequate program to teach Spanish and that’s one of the main advantages we have over our competitors.

We encourage you to continue using Duolingo, but we absolutely do not recommend the use of associated communities or groups on Facebook that offer these services, if you are seriously considering learning Spanish online, we advise you to have a healthy habit of consuming the language, 30 or 60 minutes a day is enough.

Our professional Spanish instructors with years of experience are going to be pleased to advise you and recommend adequate methodologies to become fluent in Spanish at your pace

No worries if you are a C1-C2 we are sure there is a bunch of new things to learn through our program; we have a lot of content available for you such as videos, articles, content analysis, and also an advanced package of conversational lessons, on the other hand, if you are an A1 level student, this is the perfect time to start your journey to fluency through our “Friendly Spanish From Scratch” program.

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