Learning Spanish Online vs. Learning Spanish in Traditional Classrooms

When it comes to learning Spanish, the online approach have stopped being a novelty to suddenly and firmly become of the preferred methods around the world for learners to be able to speak this Romance language, particularly in these troubled times of pandemic thanks to COVID-19 when studying remotely is the only choice.

Hence, right now and more than ever the online teaching approach is being utilized, considered, and valued by millions of students that are learning a new language, including Spanish, and experiencing at first hand the benefits of this remote approach, in comparison to the more archaic method of attending classes in traditional classrooms.

Let´s see how it is that learning Spanish online differs from learning it traditionally, involving plenty of real advantages that make a total difference in academic, time management, costs, and flexibility aspects. But before that, to talk about why learning Spanish is something consider would be quite valuable.

Why is important to Learn Spanish? Key Features of the Language

There are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish as a second language. To begin with, this Romance language is considered the third of the world respecting the total number of speakers globally after Mandarin and English, reaching up to 586 million people that speak Spanish as first, second or foreign language.

Even more importantly, at present time there are at least 23 million students learning Spanish in different ways, demonstrating the relevance of this language across the five continents. For instance, according to data posted by the British Council, Spanish is the most relevant language to learn as a second or foreign language by British citizens.

Also, by learning Spanish students and learners will be able to boost their employment positions and aspire for a better wage, with companies actually considering quite valuable those workers that know Spanish in terms of international trade and customer acquisition.

And lastly, by learning Spanish learners will be able to have access to Spanish and Latin American culture, as well as being able to live or study abroad and enjoy an experience of a lifetime respecting food, ways of life, and traditional customs in Spanish speaking countries.

Advantages of Learning Spanish Online Respecting Traditional Classrooms

Learning a language online such a Spanish involves plenty of benefits in different aspects that simply cannot be achieved with more traditional methods of teaching, which can actually be quite limiting due to local nature and mandatory presence in a certain facility for students to attend classes.

This is not practical in any way in a globalized world, particularly one where the entire planet is dealing with a pandemic and this is where the online teaching approach has come in to save the day, allowing millions to keep learning anytime and anywhere, as well as demonstrating that online Spanish tutoring is the best way. Let´s address these advantages more thoroughly:

  • Flexible Hours and Schedule

One of the main reasons why learning Spanish online is better is due to the possibility that these programs provide flexible schedules and hours. In this way, class hours adapt the learner´s available time and not the other way around.

So, for those having a busy morning at work but a free afternoon they can easily schedule classes at this time, or if you have a free Sunday after a long week of working time and you want to take a Spanish class, this is easily doable while family and work times are well established.

For many learners and students, this is key at the moment of choosing between online and traditional teaching methods, since due to occupations, time, distance, and daily life it would be impossible to attend classes locally.

  • Own Pace and Faster Completion

Learning Spanish online will allow the student to take classes and learn at their own pace, without rushing and always meeting the goals and expectations of every class. Since it is a private teaching session with teacher and learner only, repetitions and explanations can be given as many times as needed.

This can lead to faster completion of the programs´ goals since students learn and go as fast or slow between lessons as they see fit. In traditional classrooms, programs are stationary and the pace is given by it and not by the students, so rushing is almost always involved.

  • Study Spanish Online Anytime, Anywhere

With online classes you can learn Spanish at home or any place, anytime you need or have an opportunity to do it. So, probably you do not have a whole afternoon to take your lessons, but you count on with an hour in your work to eat and want to review your speaking or listening skills throughout a tablet or smartphone. This can be done easily.

Like this, dead time on the busway home or while waiting for a meeting can be actually used productively, instead of having to attend rigid schedules and distant places when taking classes traditionally.

Studying Spanish online anytime, anywhere also means that boundaries are not something to consider. Whether you are living in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, or any other English-speaking country, you will be able to take classes in our Online Spanish Program  

  • Access to Native Teachers

A good quality pedagogical program for learning Spanish online will provide the opportunity to take classes from actual Spanish native instructors of the language for a better teaching process in terms of grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

A Spanish one on one teaching class with a native teacher guarantees better results learning the language, taking into account they are experts in pedagogical strategies and professionals whose Spanish is actually their mother tongue. This also means having a direct approach with the teacher´s culture coming from Spanish-speaking countries.

  • No Commute Time

With online programs to learn Spanish, there is absolutely no commute time, since going around or taking the bus to attend a class in a distant facility is not necessary, since students take classes wherever and whenever they need to. Dealing with traffic, rain, expensive transportation to take Spanish classes is a thing from the past.

Actually, learning a language online will make commute time regarding other activities to be more productive, while by just logging in you will have access to a class in no time to practice your skills, have a new interactive lesson, or enjoy a daily talk.

  • Lower costs

Learning Spanish online has a major advantage in direct comparison to traditional teaching methods, and this is pricing. Taking classes online is way cheaper than attending a course or physical institution, which for that specific reason must deal with expenses in maintenance, resources, staff, and more.

On the other hand, an online Spanish program involves the platform to be used by the students and the teacher, access to a network, and a compatible device as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and that is it.

There are no other expenses in terms of the physical facility, employees, or of any other kind, influencing price by a lot and allowing to give access to more affordable subscription plans, along with a free trial or class to start and see how it is.

Also, traditional private tutoring can be even more expensive since a teacher will charge for teaching a class in other places, along with transportation expenses and others, and this is without even mentioning the text and material that must be bought to complete the course.

  • Students of Any Level Will be Able to Enroll

Designed from those who can only say “hola” to those that can maintain a fluid conversation in Spanish, our Spanish program is open for students at any level. So, this is not something students should get worried about.

For example, the lesson plan includes content from basic nature with easy words, grammar aspects, and sentences, all the way to advanced material designed for students that have a high Spanish level. This online program is for everyone who wants to enroll and learn Spanish the right way!

  • Availability of Study Resources and Materials

Another advantage of online private lessons is to count on study resources, content, and materials that are fully provided to the students, so they can forget about having to buy expensive books or any other asset. Great online Spanish programs include with their fee everything students might need and more for no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps there was never a more important time for the online teaching approach than now when due to the pandemic is almost impossible to take a class the traditional way. This comes as a great opportunity to be aware of the potential online classes have, especially referring to learning Spanish.

With online Spanish programs, this Romance language can be learned at the pace the students need, in complete private sessions where a native Spanish speaker is available to teach and solve any doubt, to practice, and to talk in general without getting worried about somebody else distracting or be embarrassed when speaking.

Get your free class today + a crash course about VERBO SER Y ESTAR “here” and get in touch in case you have any questions, we’ll be pleased to clarify your doubts.

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