Most Significant Advantages of Learning Spanish Online

Being spoken by more than 600 million people worldwide, Spanish is a language that is considered one the most relevant in recent years, with plenty of content available and with more and more people around the world interested in learning the Cervantes’s tongue.

This is where online tutoring comes to the table as the best way to learn Spanish, with a great array of benefits provided by innovative teaching approach, overcoming obstacles related to traditional and local-based education respecting time, and availability of private instructors and expensive institutes.

Here some of the most significant advantages of learning Spanish online.

  • The classes: Our innovative platform brings you the chance to take Spanish Tutoring given by native teachers with a state-of-the-art educational internet-based method and a pedagogical program with lessons tailored for students at any level.
  • Invest your time in learning, not moving around: Learning Spanish online means that you actually invest your time in getting knowledge about language, instead of moving around and wasting time, money, and effort in arriving classes to a physical location or school. With online tutoring at Spanish Plus, you can start learning at any moment, anywhere with a computer or mobile device.
  • A teacher just for you, learn at your path: online teaching allows the students to have a proper native teacher with complete attention on them in every class, getting knowledge and content exactly at their path, with no rush and clearing out doubts at any time. Online classes can be taken anytime, and teachers will adjust classes and objectives depending on the available student´s schedule.
  • Learn Spanish without leaving home: you can learn this language without leaving home or office, with native teachers who graduated in Spanish teaching from Latin America, being qualified instructors in pronunciation, grammar, comprehension, and cultural knowledge.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere: thanks to online classes you can learn Spanish virtually anywhere, in a spare time at your job, while waiting at the doctor´s office or on the bus, knowledge can be provided anytime and always at the student´s best convenience.
  • Custom academic and teaching materials and resources: with online classes provided by Spanish Plus Web, you do not have to worry about buying books or any other resource, since all the material is included and given by the platform, with custom academic and teaching materials, following an innovative learning approach focused on the student.
  • Enjoy an advanced media-based learning environment: through online tutoring, you will be able to enjoy an advanced media-based learning environment, with lessons that include audio, images, videos, and other resources to make the classes easier and more interactive, with the possibility to correct mistakes on real-time.

Many students are enjoying learning Spanish online through Spanish Plus Web, due to the plenty of benefits provided by its innovative internet-based approach.

At this point, you might ask yourself, What am I going to learn in Spanish Plus Web?

Our pedagogical program is very flexible and well thought for those people who want to learn Spanish from the scratch, and the students that are looking for conversations and advanced exercises that help them to reach their goals and reinforce their current Spanish skills.

We divided our program into three parts you can check here, taking into account the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages “CEFR”

  • Level A1: you will learn all the elements concerning the basic vocabulary, general and environment descriptions, weather, food, clothing, routines, hobbies, time, dates, make simple comparisons, and some idiomatic expressions from the different countries of Latin America and Spain.
  • Level A2: you will learn the correct use of the basic present, past, and future tenses, as well as the different types of prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions, and the correct use of the verb “SER Y ESTAR” according to each pronoun.
  • Level B1: you will learn to express wishes, different types of requests, talk about plans in the future, and also anecdotes from the past through the use of adjectives and the correct use of the verb “SER Y ESTAR”
  • Level B2: you will learn to express different points of view regarding a topic, as well as possibilities, slangs, fears, stories, hypothetical situations, conditional verbs, and different types of subjunctives.
  • Level C1: you will learn to contextualize different types of topics through articles, videos, conversation topics, and role play, making special emphasis on the reflexive verbs, objective pronouns, and the use of the subjunctive to express hypothetical situations, desires, doubts, and unpredictability.
  • Level C2: you will be able to choose your study topics; your Tutor Plus will be happy to guide you and make the necessary corrections during your language strengthening process.

All our topics and methodologies contain Videos, images, exercises, presentations, and much more to offer and experience based on the four language skills “listening, reading, writing and speaking”

Spanish Plus Web has a pedagogical program with more than 1300 lessons in 14 different methodologies that are continually reviewed and updated by our professionals to offer quality content to our students from the five continents.

The main objective of our website is our students can see and feel real progress through our sophisticated online class system, in a world that faces a global pandemic but is in constant advance with the use of new technologies.

It is gratifying and satisfying to know that our students from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Australia, England, among others, have benefited from our lesson program at different levels and different learning paces.

We are proud to know that we do not offer unrealistic promises regarding the time in which other companies assure that someone can learn Spanish in a traditional school or online. Spanish Plus Web is an educational project that offers solutions and not fake promises to a “target market”.

We firmly believe that people who are part of our platform and our lesson program as those who do not yet, deserve to be treated as students and not as clients who pay for a monthly subscription, that is why we offer respectful and honest treatment to each person who signs up with us, looking for our services.

To all the advantages that we have previously described, we have to add the cost-benefit ratio, which is that, this system of classes allows you to learn Spanish the right way without additional expenses and the best part, for a considerably low price.

There are currently some websites that offer online Spanish tutoring services, however, we have found that some of the students who came to Spanish Plus Web assure us that, we have better study material and more educational resources to learn Spanish after having used similar services in other platforms.

Another advantage of Spanish Plus Web is that, although our tutors are native Latin American people, they can speak English correctly, which is super convenient because this allows us to explain the aspects of Spanish grammar without problems to a basic level student, who is taking his/her first steps toward fluency.

These are some of the opinions of our students.

Ma-an Noriega from the Philippines.

Great introductory class. Very knowledgeable and professional 🙂 He knows Spanish Plus very well and he was able to explain everything that I have to know about the program. The tutor was very knowledgeable about a lot of topics.

Jonathan Koh from Singapore.

Great teacher. He corrected me, spoke clearly, and would repeat himself if I didn’t get him. Next time I would like to spend more time just speaking about topics and using vocabulary. Not sure if I’ll have a class with him again so soon as it’s very early in the morning for me!

Robert Brooks from New Zealand.

I had my first class with Spanish Plus today. The lesson was high quality and fun. I liked the fact that I was able to take the lesson in the comfort of my home. Spanish Plus is well priced and the teachers very professional. If you want to take learning Spanish seriously enroll with Spanish Plus. Spanish Plus the best way hands down to learn Spanish.

Hayley hedges from USA.

Fantastic class! Fernanda is so patient and knowledgeable. I would appreciate a list of vocabulary words from the days lesson and recommended home integration assignments. I also learn well from online flashcards. I know everyone learns differently but I come from a science background and flashcards have helped me learn anatomy terminology etc. Thanks for the great lesson!

Do you want to see more? Click here and check some of the comments our students said.

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