Our plans are designed to attend the specific needs of each of our students through an innovative study plan that will take your skills to the next level.


Spanish Daily Talks

Description: This program is perfect for students at B1, B2, C1 and C2 level who are looking to reinforce their fluency, comprehension and pronunciation skills in Spanish. Feel free to choose any topic within our extensive set of Spanish Plus conversational topics or if you prefer choose a free topic to discuss with the Tutor Plus; He will be happy to correct possible mistakes derived from the conversation in a kind, useful and pedagogical way to boost your conversational skills and take them to a higher level.

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Friendly Spanish From Scratch

Description: This program is perfect for those students who want to learn Spanish from scratch and need a guided process of acquiring the language step by step. Don’t be afraid of the word “grammar” or think of it as the monster in horror movies that some websites want to make students think of. “Friendly Spanish From Scratch” is a simple process of acquiring pedagogical instruments that allows you to establish the foundations for the use of efficient Spanish and gradually increase your vocabulary level and build ideas efficiently.

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Full Contact Spanish

Description: This modality is perfect for those students who want to study grammar and practice their conversation skills in a dual way. Full Contact Spanish is the perfect option to learn and practice Spanish from different angles, through our pedagogical lesson program, which is structured in 14 different methodologies and currently has more than 1,300 lessons ranging from the most basic topics to those that represent more complex challenges.

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Spanish Plus is a proven program that allows you to learn Spanish in the correct way at a very reasonable price.


Friendly booking system

Each Spanish Plus student has access to a sophisticated calendar system that allows them to book classes from their computer or cell phone in their time zone and activate their class reminders via Google.

Video Exercises

Depending on the plan and level of studies that each of our students has, Spanish Plus offers a package of video pedagogical exercises that will take your Spanish to the next level.

1300+ Lessons and exercises

Depending on the plan and the level of studies that each of our students has, Spanish Plus offers an excellent pedagogical program tested by students from all over the world; Our 14 teaching methodologies are going to boost your language skills in a big way.

Content uploads

Our current content is high quality, but it is not static, this means that the Spanish Plus lesson program and our methodologies are periodically updated to offer the best learning tools to each of our students.

Class environment

Our commitment is 100% educational, for that reason Spanish Plus students are not treated as simple customers who pay for a service; each of our live sessions is based on the respect and goals of every student in a professional and friendly way.

E-learning System

As part of our updates in the pedagogical program and platform, we will be offering an automated E-learning system that will considerably improve the user experience through valuable content such as tests, exercises, videos and, learning certificates.


Our Spanish-speaking instructors are always ready and willing to teach you Spanish in a professional, friendly, and fun way through our pedagogical lesson program.

Do you have any questions about your current Spanish level? Take a free trial, and let us check your skills, we’ll be happy to help.

Álvaro Smith


Juan Cadavid


Irvin Machiz


Omar Angulo


José Vega


Andrés Cortés


Free Course + Trial Class

Spanish Plus gives you the chance to register and get our crash course for free in which you will find sets of exercises and valuable content to learn and practice Spanish whenever you want.

The purpose of this course is to introduce some of the methodologies used by our tutors and

Among the methodologies we use we have:
– Reading comprehension.
– Verbal conjugation.
– Writing.
– Complete and fill in the items
– Sets of questions and answers.
– Pronunciation of words and many others.
– Listening.

Any questions? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Spanish Single Class

Buy 1 hour for $ 12

Free conversations

Choose your favorite topic in our pedagogical program

Classes 1 to 1

Practice with our exercises

Choose your preferred class hours

Description: This modality is perfect for those people who do not have enough time to commit to a monthly subscription and still want to practice their Spanish skills during their free time. Feel free to choose any of our pedagogical or conversational topics, our tutor will be more than happy to assist you during your class session and correct any possible mistakes derived from the topic you are talking about.