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Spanish Plus reviews.

Hayley hedges from USA.

Fantastic class! Fernanda is so patient and knowledgeable. I would appreciate a list of vocabulary words from the days lesson and recommended home integration assignments. I also learn well from online flashcards. I know everyone learns differently but I come from a science background and flashcards have helped me learn anatomy terminology etc. Thanks for the great lesson!

Ma-an Noriega from Philippines.

Great introductory class. Very knowledgeable and professional 🙂 He knows Spanish Plus very well and he was able to explain everything that I have to know about the program. The tutor was very knowledgeable about a lot of topics.

Tiffany Holmes from USA.

My experience was great. I was able to learn a lot about the program and the company.

Helena Hamilton from USA.

Excellent first class. I am looking forward to improving my Spanish with Spanish Plus.

Matthew Burt from England.

I had a great lesson today with Alvaro. In future I think the past will be easier to talk about because of this lesson. Thanks.

Aleksey Sukhanov from Russia.

Muchas gracias por tu lección. Eso fue muy bien. Yo aprendí algunas palabras nuevas.

Kiryl Bychkouski from USA.

Great class! Really enjoyed discussing architecture and learning new words. Una clase buenísima! Disfruté nuestra conversación de arcitectora. So good to be speaking Spanish again.

Werner Kraatz from Germany.

Always a pleasure to work with Alvaro. He is really a great teacher and has a good grip on the problems that I have and how to get the right amount of help, so that I find my own solutions. I can fully recommend Alvaro as a teacher.

Robert Brooks from New Zealand.

I had my first class with Spanish Plus today. The lesson was high quality and fun. I liked the fact that I was able to take the lesson in the comfort of my home. Spanish Plus is well priced and the teachers very professional. If you want to take learning Spanish seriously enroll with Spanish Plus. Spanish Plus the best way hands down to learn Spanish.

Jonathan Koh from Singapore.

Great teacher. He corrected me, spoke clearly and would repeat himself if I didn’t get him. Next time I would like to spend more time just speaking about topics and using vocabulary. Not sure if I’ll have a class with him again so soon as it’s very early in the morning for me!

Nicole Lau from China.

I’ve made obvious progress because of Alvaro! I’m so happy that I found Spanish Plus and I will keep taking lessons with Alvaro. Thanks Spanish Plus!

Jae M. from USA.

I love the class. Very patient and I know I can go far. I just have to practice and try harder.

Michaela Yip from USA.

He’s really patient and easy-going. The lessons are great and adjusted for my level of Spanish.

Meg M. from USA.

Great teacher! Very patient and thorough! I really enjoyed my class.

Martin Wong from Canada.

I’m really enjoying my lessons so far. They move at a pace I am comfortable with and I am learning a lot. I look forward to continuing to learn Spanish Plus!

Mark Johnson from USA.

I had two sessions with Alvaro and am very pleased with the program.

Remco Brouwer from Netherlands.

Rany is a nice guy with humor. He is easy to talk with and talks clearly.

Johnathan King from USA.

Great class! Great tutor!